Chemical Process Calculations

Course Code:

4 (3-1-0)


Introduction to Chemical Engineering Calculations


Introduction to Chemical Engineering Calculations:

Units and dimensions,the mole unit, conventions in methods of analysis and measurement, basis,
temperature, pressure, the chemical equation and stoichiometry.
Gases, Vapours, Liquids and Solids:

Ideal gas law calculations, real gas
relationships, vapour pressure and liquids, saturation, partial saturation and
humidity, introduction to vapour-liquid equilibria for multi-component systems,
material balances involving condensation and vaporization.
Material Balances: Material balance of physical processes with and without
chemical reaction, including recycle, purge and bypass.
Energy Balances: Concept and Units, calculation of enthalpy changes,
general balance with and without reactions, heats of solution and mixing.
Unsteady-state material and energy balances.
Solids, liquids and gaseous fuels, some industrial examples of the above,
simple estimation of physical properties (transport, thermodynamic) of fluids
and mixtures.
Text/Reference Books:
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Engineering,” 6th ed., Prentice-Hall of India.
Bhatt and Vora, “Stoichiometry,” 3rd ed., Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi.
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